Arie Otten, Painter.

Born 25-11-1954 and living in Apeldoorn (NL). I like to consider myself an autodidact artist and I have always been interested in modern and abstract art expressions.  I started painting myself in 2009, first of all stimulated by the inspiring Frans Polman from Apeldoorn. Nowadays I work with and learn a lot from Rob Weddepohl; Both Polman and Weddepohl are well-known in the Dutch world of artists.
Myself I don’t have a specific style of painting, but the majority of my work can be described as lyrically abstract or it consists of abstract landscapes. I like to experiment with the substrate material, but also with the substances (materials) I impose in my paintings.
Examples of these can be found in steel, grinded postal bags, moulded paper (pulp), sand and so on. It could be called RECYCLED ART.

During the “creational” process I often haven’t got a clue where the process is heading to and what the artistic result will look like: it just happens and finally something is created.
I get my inspiration from the daily news and of course from a large number of artists who mean a lot to me.

There are a lot of inspirational artists: Anselm Kiefer, Mark Rothko, Karel Appel, Jan Cremer, Theo Wolvekamp and others.
Since Februari 2017 my studio is located at the Everlaan 27 in Apeldoorn. In case you are interested to take a glance at my paintings, please contact me.

+31 (0)650853660

Arie Otten.



Veldkamp Thuis
Permanent Exhibition
Stationstraat 110 Apeldoorn

Tandprothetische Praktijk Van de Heg/ Van Woudenberg BV
Permanent Exhibition
Zwolsebinnenweg 5  Apeldoorn

Art Café Sam Sam
02-04-2017 – 07-05-2017
Van Kinsbergenstraat 17  Apeldoorn


Sandmann Opticiens
Apeldoorn 2013

Gallery Pictura 
Groningen  2014

Sandmann Opticiens
Apeldoorn 2015.

Galerie Frans Houben
Ootmarsum, August 2016.

Galerie PS 20
Apeldoorn, October 2016.

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